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Andrómeda started acting as a professional Performer in Gran Canaria in 1996 after years of dance.
Gran Canaria Council utilised Andromeda for 3 consecutive tours that were develop and promote the Gran Canaria islands throughout Europe. Then in 2000 he won one of the most prestigious Drag Queen contests in the world; Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
Since then he has been working in cities all over the world, including Chicago, Miami, Phuket (Thailand), Madrid, Barcelona, London, Moscow, Amsterdam, Antwerp (Holland), Berlin , Cologne, Cannes, Tignes (France), Dublin, Torre del lago pugchini (Italy), nova Goritzia (Slovenia), Paphos (Cyprus)... He has now moved to London to continue his career in performance art.
His look has been evolving with the times in order to be the forefront of fashion and style in his understanding of the development of a performance artist. He includes the most unpredictable costuming and make up with the use of prosthetics for character development depending on the show request.
His skills range from hosting, dancing and acrobatics in platform shoes, to specialising in fire dance, fire-breathing, aerial (net, rope, hoop, silks, web), grindr and stilts.
vanaf € 375,00
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€ 375,00 - Drag Queen optreden
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€ 450,00 - Vuuract
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