€ 3.995,00 Alle vermelde prijzen zijn exclusief vervoersonkosten en BTW.



It’s all in the name: these ladies blend their musical talents into a live-DJ act with an unforgettable WOW-factor!

Live percussion, violin and vocals join the music of the DJ resulting in an unique and creative sound. Enjoy this overwhelming experience of funky house and soulful beats, complemented by recognizable old-school classics and fantastic commercial remixes.

An exclusive live-act for an event or party night with that guaranteed ‘spark’ on the dance floor. ‘Girls’ is taking over! Are u ready to dance?

Bijkomende info

1 x 90 minuten of 2 x 45 minuten binnen max. 2 uur

Bijkomende info:

  • Totaal DJ concept (DJ, Mc-vocals, violiste, percussioniste)
  • Setlist: Keuze uit Dance of Lounge
  • Exclusief techniek, DJ-booth en equipment


  • Upgrade optie 1: Pioneer DJ-set/booth: € 550,00
  • Upgrade optie 2: Pioneer DJ-set/booth, podiumlicht en zaalgeluid tot 250 pax: € 1.050,00
  • Upgrade optie 3: Pioneer DJ-set/booth, podiumlicht en zaalgeluid tot 500 pax: € 1650,00
  • Optioneel: Extra DJ (male) tbv voor- en/of naprogramma  max. 5 uur: € 550,00


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